What Do We Look For in a Vendor?

Through a partnership approach, MAGNET GROUP and its vendors can respond quickly to a health care organization’s needs and to regional health care trends. MAGNET GROUP and its Shareholders and Member Organizations provide vendors with data and firsthand information regarding what is driving the purchase of services, supplies, and capital equipment.

Our concentrated geographical base facilitates the design of effective marketing strategies. We are intent on building close relationships with our vendors, treating them as “partners” rather than as “free-lance” sources.

MAGNET GROUP and its Shareholders and Member Organizations provide marketing support to our vendor partners, including coordinating the development of customized plans to promote all agreements.

In selecting contract vendors, MAGNET GROUP looks for:

    • Quality products and services
    • Lowest acceptable net prices based on the “total cost” of each contract item, not merely the acquisition prices
    • Sales and service capabilities available for all health care facilities
    • Stability in past, current, and future levels of performance
    • Opportunities for long-term “partnerships” within MAGNET GROUP’s geographical service area

While pricing is important, MAGNET GROUP never loses sight that high quality and service are the first requirement of every health care provider. Our partnership approach to business enables us to bring suppliers and providers together in the true spirit of cooperation and thus, remove tangible cost from the health care delivery system.


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